"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain"-William III
The Boyne Standard

The Grand Orange Lodge of England

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Historical Documents

This page contains links to a number of papers written by the Grand Lodge Historian and other works of historical interest regarding the Orange Institution in England.

King Edwards Horse - Many Orangemen served their country during the First World War, this paper focuses on several members of the Institution that served with the King Edward's Horse.

LOl 874 - The Lodge in an Internment Camp - A paper looking at the history of a lodge formed in an internment camp in Groningen during the First World War.
The Orange Order in Togo - A paper detailing the capture of Togo from the Germans by the British, the founding of the Orange Order there and its continued existence in Togo today.
The Orange Order in World War One - A paper containing exerts from the Grand Lodge Report of 1915, with the names of brethren that had joined up.
The Orange Navy Part 1 - A paper detailing the pursuit by the Royal Navy of two German warships, the Goeben and Breslaue and the participation of Orangemen in the action.
The Orange Navy Part 2 - A paper detailing the victorious Battle of Heligoland Bight with details of several Orangemen involved in the battle.
The Orange Navy Part 3 - A detailed look at several ships attacked by German U-Boats during World War One with profiles of several Orangemen that served on those ships.
The Orange Navy Part 4 - A paper that looks at the imperial expansion of Germany in the Pacific and the battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands and Orangemen's contributions.
The Orange Navy Part 5 - A paper listing British and Australian warships, the ships actions during the war and details of Orangemen that served aboard them.
The Orange Navy Part 6 - A paper detailing the Royal Navy's efforts to secure the English Channel the North Sea and the Humber Estuary. Also includes an account of German raids and the Battle of Dogger Bank.
The Orange Navy Part 7 - The naval war in the Mediterranean and the attack on the Dardanelles. Includes information regarding the Lodges affected in the military manoeuvres and ensuing action.

The Orange Navy Part 8 - An in depth look at the Battle of Jutland with commentary on the involvement of Orangemen on board the Royal Navy ships. 

"The Orange Standard" was a monthly magazine published by the Grand Lodge of England between  1914-1928. Part 1 looks at issues from 1914 and the contribution of Orangemen at the start of World War One

The Siege of Derry-A small booklet produced by David Catt a previous Grand Master of England with a short history of Bro Catt's involvement in the Orange.

Orange Miscellany-The Orange Miscellany or Orangeman's Guide was published in 1815, it contains a variety of Orange songs, essays, rules of the Institution and a list of Orange Lodges in England from the time period.

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The Orange Order in Georgian Times-An insight into the Orange Order during the 1800's.

A sermon written by the Reverend Thomas Comber (1765 – 1835). He was named in the Parliamentary Report on the Orange Institution as a Deputy Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of England.

A speech made by the Duke of York against Catholic claims in 1825. The extract is taken from "Anti-Catholicism in Victorian England by Edward Newman.


The following papers have been prepared and published on behalf of the 55th Division West Lancashire Division L.O.L 1915

Abraham Acton VC-A brief outline of Abraham Acton, Orangeman and winner of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1914.
The Loyal and Friendly Society of the Blew and Orange-A paper regarding the Blew and Orange, a society that predates the Orange Institution, having sat between 1733-1801, its purpose to celebrate the Glorious Revolution.