"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain"-William III
The Boyne Standard

The Grand Orange Lodge of England

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If you have any queries feel free to contact us at;

Grand Secretary (G.O.L.E.)

Liverpool Provincial Headquarters

108 Everton Road


L6 2EP


Email    grandsecretary26@gmail.com

We have collated a list of websites that you may find useful below.



Orange Web Sites in England

Liverpool Province


Liverpool Province   http://archie844.tripod.com/liverpoolprovinceorangelodge/index.html


Cantril’s Glory LOL 306 http://cantrilsglory.myeweb.net/


City of Chester LOL 375 http://lol375.org.uk/


Earl of Roden LOL 184 http://www.manchesterorange.co.uk/


Manchester Province


Manchester Province  http://www.manchesterprovince.co.uk


Victoria's Pride LOL 788 www.victoriaspride788.webs.com


Northern Province


Tyneside District No 46 https://www.freewebs.com/district46/index.htm


Johnston’s Heroes LOL 264 http://johnstons-heroes-lol264.yolasite.com/


Northallerton Sons of William LOL 265 http://www.lol265.co.uk/


Ryedale Chosen Few LOL 1875 http://lol1875.moonfruit.com/


Bible and Crown Defenders LOL 81 http://www.lol81.moonfruit.com/#


John E Bingham LOL 844 http://www.lol844.moonfruit.com/#


Midlands Province


West Midlands District No 60 http://www.orangeorder.us/


Birmingham LOL 242 https://sites.google.com/site/lol242birmingham/history/history-of-the-orange-order-in-england


John Wesley LOL 584 (Coventry) http://lol584.webstarts.com/ 

36th Ulster Division Memorial LOL 1914 http://www.36ulsterdivisionlol1914.co.uk/


Lt-Colonel R B Mayne Memorial LOL 1012 http://www.blairmaynelol1012.co.uk/


Luton Sons of William LOL 1002 http://luton1002.tripod.com/index.html


Metropolitan Province


Metropolitan Province  http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/ 


City of London District No 63 http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/frames_page.htm


Medway Martyrs Memorial LOL 652 www.lol652.com   


Portsmouth District No 65 http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/frames_page.htm


Lord Carson Memorial LOL 20 http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/frames_page.htm


Oxford Martyrs Memorial LOL 213 http://www.oxfordloyalorders.com/lodge_history%20new.htm


Silver Jubilee LOL 1977 http://silverjubileelol1977.co.uk/


Plymouth District No 64 http://www.plymouthdistrict64.moonfruit.com/  


St Augustine LOL 904 http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/frames_page.htm


Somme Memorial LOL 842 http://www.lol842bristol.com/


Rawlins White Memorial LOL 803 http://www.lol803cardiff.com/


JLOL 1 http://www.orangeordersouthernengland.org/frames_page.htm

Sussex Crown Defenders LOL 848 http://sussexcrowndefenders.org


Orange websites from around the world


Grand Lodge of Scotland   http://www.orangeorderscotland.com/

Grand Lodge of Ireland   http://www.grandorangelodge.co.uk/

Grand Lodge of Canada   http://grandorangelodge.ca/

Patrick Henry LOL 1105 USA   http://www.patrickhenrylol.org/home/?q=node/1

Grand Lodge of New Zealand   http://orangeorder.org.nz/

Las Vegas Purple Star   http://www.lasvegaspurplestar.net/