"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain"-William III
The Boyne Standard

The Grand Orange Lodge of England

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What does the Loyal Orange Institution of England believe in? Below we set out set out the simple things we stand for.



We believe in the Bible

We believe in the sole authority of the Word of God as the rule of our belief and life and dismiss as nonsense the claims of the Roman Catholic Church that Church tradition is of equal authority

We affirm the right of every man and woman to interpret scripture for themselves and utterly reject the claims of the Church of Rome that the Pope or any other Priest has the right to interpret it for us.


We can know peace with God

The Word of God tell us that when we come to the realisation that we cannot earn our way into heaven and are resolved to trust for our eternal destiny in the finished work of Christ on the cross, God instantly forgives us all the things that we have done wrong. This is because Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us when we accept him as a Saviour so that when God looks at us, he sees not our sinfulness but only the righteousness of Christ.


We have no need of any Priest

We believe that every man and woman has direct access to Christ in prayer and to seek forgiveness for whatever they have done wrong. Since Christ’s death and resurrection there has been no need of any Priest to make representations to God on our behalf. All of us have direct access to God, through Christ.

For that reason we dismiss all Roman Catholic teachings of the mass, indulgences, purgatory, relics etc and the office of the priesthood as nothing less than fable and nonsense.


We love our Nation

Our nation comprises the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and we will resist all attempts to break up or weaken that Union

We are convinced that it is the Protestant faith and its principles which have made the United Kingdom the greatest nation, under God, in the world. We believe that the United Kingdom and the British family of nations have uniquely enjoyed the blessing of God, particularly since the Reformation. It is from this land that the gospel went forth to heathen lands in the days of the British Empire. We do not believe that God has done with us and that he calls us to continue to be a beacon for Protestantism throughout the world.

We believe firmly in the nation state and we will steadfastly resist all who try to subsume us into a European state in which the majority of member countries are Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox and which may in the future even include Muslim Turkey!  

We, the British people share a common faith, we enjoy a common culture and we share in a common history. Men and women of all the constituent countries of the UK were involved and instrumental in making Britain great and in gifting British values to peoples throughout the Empire. We honour them and will not allow their vision to be destroyed by political revisionists who are the enemies of all things British.

We are proud of our nation, proud of our culture, proud of our history and we are confident of our future


We defend Civil and Religious Liberty

We believe in freedom and civil and religious liberty for all and as Protestants we do not have to defend our commitment to religious liberty to anyone; our credentials speak for themselves. It was Protestant England which  400 years ago invited the Jewish people to settle in this country at a time when they remained exiled from Roman Catholic Europe; it was Protestant England which gave the Jewish people  full civil rights in the 19th century when the Church of Rome still allowed Jewish children to be forcibly baptised  as Roman Catholics!

However, we are a Protestant people who profess a Protestant faith and our history tells us that the rights of all to freedom of faith and worship will only be safe so long as we retain our Protestant Faith and Constitution in Church and State. We therefore maintain our commitment to full civil and religious liberty for all but we do not believe in parity of esteem between faiths. The United Kingdom is a Christian and Protestant country. No alien faith must ever be allowed to influence our foreign policy. No alien faith must ever be afforded more favourable treatment in any area of British life than is afforded to the Protestant faith and no alien faith must ever have any part in the official ceremonial events of our nation.


We seek to live by Christian Ethics in our personal lives

We believe in the old British values. We believe that marriage is the only relationship ordained by God in which sexual activity should take place and in which children are to be conceived and brought up. We believe marriage in the sight of God can only take place between a man and a woman and we believe in lifelong commitment to our wives or husbands.

As Orangemen and Orangewomen, we believe in taking responsibility for our families. We are loyal to our Queen and our Protestant Monarchy. We desire to serve our nation and its people. We believe in thrift, honesty and personal integrity.


We demand Christian Ethics in public life and in our laws

We applaud politicians of all parties who recognise the need to restore the values of morality, respect and social responsibility in our country but we deplore their “political correctness” in failing to speak out in recognition that the Christian family is the only stable foundation on which our society can be built. We denounce those who claim to have a personal Christian faith and a commitment to Christian values and moralit,y yet concurrently impose upon us secular humanist values and amoral laws that are repugnant to the Word of God. The Orange Institution’s commitment is to Christ alone, not to political correctness. For that reason we will unreservedly speak out in all circumstances in support of Christian ethics in public life and will condemn all attempts to subordinate these to situational or non Christian faith ethics.

We denounce all laws which are based on humanist or multi faith values as morally bankrupt and we denounce those who pass such laws as enemies of our country and of our faith.

We demand that our laws reflect and enshrine the values of our Christian faith and culture.


We believe in Family Values

We believe that the family that prays together and plays together stays together, and so we encourage all our members to attend and become active in one of their local Protestant churches. We encourage fathers to be committed to take care of their families. We exhort mothers to be loving homemakers. We believe Fathers and Mothers need to spend quality time with their children and to bring them up in the Christian faith.

We are nevertheless realists and recognise that many are forced through circumstances into the challenges of single parenthood. To those in our Institution in this situation we offer our love and support. We are the family of Orangeism and we commit ourselves to all members of our family

We seek to work for the good of our communities and to work for a just society built on Protestant values.