"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain"-William III
The Boyne Standard

The Grand Orange Lodge of England

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  Welcome to the Loyal Orange Institution of England web site!


Brethren and Sisters,

As you are aware the Country is facing the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic which is seriously affecting our everyday lives. Her Majesty’s Government has declared a lockdown in the Country, forbidding anyone venturing out of their homes unless it is for essential shopping, for visits to Doctors and Pharmacy’s  and daily exercise etc. All social gatherings are forbidden, everyone must stay a minimum of two meters apart.

Following the Government’s guidelines and instructions concerning large gatherings, it is with much regret to advise you all that all Parades and Functions within the Grand Orange Lodge of England remain cancelled and, for the first time since the Second World War, this year’s Annual 12th July Parade has also, reluctantly, been cancelled.

It has not been an easy decision but we feel that under the current circumstances it is important that we continue to follow the guidelines of the Government and Medical experts during this epidemic. . We must look after the safety and welfare of our membership, which is paramount, and we must also consider the safety and welfare of our followers.

We are all in this together and it is important that we all stay safe at this time.

W. R. Bather HDGM

Most Worshipful Grand Master

David Taggart HDGS

Grand Secretary

The Loyal Orange Institution of England is a part of the Worldwide Orange fraternity, being made up of an unlimited number of Christians, whose staunch beliefs are based on the Reformation principles and truths of the Open Bible.

You will see what qualifications are needed to gain membership of this most glorious Institution, which has no bar on colour, back-ground, or nationality.

I believe that the pages that can be accessed on this site will give an enlightening vision to the working and make-up of the Orange Order in England.

You will see that there are Lodges active in many locations throughout the country, and contact can be made via our contact page.

As a body of individuals joined together without any particular political persuasion we go forward with the strength and courage that our conviction for Civil and Religious Liberties for all, a Protestant Biblical faith, and the Constitution of our Country remain an integral and important asset to the well being of our future.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master of England Bro W.R Bather


The Loyal Orange Institution of England was founded in Manchester in 1807 by soldiers returning from service in Ireland and the Institution has been active throughout England through to the present day.


Further information regarding the Grand Lodge of England is available on The Information page. Information on the history of the Institution, King William III, The 12th July, the Reformation, the Qualifications of an Orangeman, the function of Private Lodges and the Union with Scotland and Northern Ireland can also be found via this page or the drop down menu on the navigation bar.


This website is maintained by the Grand Orange Lodge of England. We hope that this website enlightens you with regard to the Orange Institution, its history and our Protestant heritage. If you are interested in joining the Orange Institution please contact us.